Categories: AI LoverTags: , , , , , , Published On: May 18, 20243.2 min read injects personality and fun into AI companionship. This innovative app from goes beyond conversations. It offers a customizable virtual companion that can cater to your needs, be it engaging in deep discussions, exploring creative writing prompts, or simply enjoying lighthearted conversation.
Launched on: Feb 2024
Monthly Visitors:  13.2M
Price:  Free for Standard version; $20/month for pro version

Product Information

What’s is an AI-powered chat application offering a variety of functionalities:

  • Personalized AI Companions: Craft your ideal virtual companion by customizing appearance, personality traits, and areas of expertise.
  • Engaging Conversations: Enjoy stimulating dialogues on diverse topics or delve into philosophical discussions with your AI friend.

How to use

  1. Download the app or visit the website (
  2. Explore signup or login options depending on the platform or service you choose.
  3. Personalize your AI companion by defining its appearance, personality, and areas of interest (customization options might vary depending on the version).
  4. Initiate interactions with your AI friend through text prompts or voice messages (availability of voice features might depend on the version).
  5. will leverage its AI capabilities to understand your requests, provide informative responses, or engage in creative and interactive experiences.

Core Features

  • 1

    Advanced Personalization: Craft the ideal virtual companion tailored to your preferences, from personality traits to areas of expertise.

  • 2

    Creative Tools and Prompts: Spark your imagination with’s creative writing prompts or utilize its functionalities for brainstorming sessions.

  • 3

    Interactive Role-Playing (Potential Feature): Embark on immersive role-playing adventures with your AI companion, shaping the narrative and exploring different scenarios.

  • 4

    Voice Chat Functionality : Enjoy natural-sounding voice conversations with your AI companion, enhancing the immersive experience.

Use Cases

  • Combat Loneliness and Find Companionship: offers a friendly and engaging AI companion to combat feelings of loneliness and enjoy stimulating conversations.

  • Explore Role-Playing Adventures: Unleash your imagination in interactive role-playing scenarios with your AI companion, tailoring experiences to your desired genre and storyline.

  • Learn Through Conversation: Engage in stimulating discussions with your AI friend on diverse topics, expanding your knowledge and understanding.

  • Practice Language Skills: Future development might allow using to practice conversation in a foreign language.


  • Is safe to use? should prioritize user privacy and data security. Explore their privacy policy and security measures to understand how they handle your information and interactions with your AI companion.

  • Can I have multiple AI companions on Current functionalities might limit you to one main companion. Future development could explore the possibility of managing multiple companions.

  • How does personalize the AI companion’s personality? During setup, you might choose from various personality traits or use sliders and keywords to define your desired companion’s demeanor.

  • Will’s responses be biased? Bias in AI algorithms is a concern. should strive for balanced and objective information retrieval within’s responses.

  • Does have any limitations in its knowledge or abilities? is under development, and its knowledge base might have limitations. It might not always understand complex questions or requests perfectly.

  • How does stay up-to-date with current information? might employ various techniques to keep Candy’s knowledge base current. This could involve regular data updates or training on new information sources.

  • Can I provide feedback on my AI companion’s responses? User feedback is crucial for AI development. might offer options to provide feedback or report inaccurate information.

  • Is suitable for children? Parental supervision is advisable, especially for younger children. Explore’s recommendations and content moderation practices.

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