EU Privacy Watchdog Criticizes ChatGPT’s Transparency, Demands Improved Data Accuracy

Categories: AI NewsTags: , , Published On: May 25, 20241 min read

The European Union‘s task force on privacy has expressed apprehensions regarding OpenAI’s ChatGPT, highlighting that the current measures taken to ensure transparency are not adequate to meet the EU’s stringent data accuracy standards. In a report published on Friday, the task force acknowledged the positive steps taken to mitigate misinterpretations of ChatGPT’s responses. However, it emphasized the need for OpenAI to address lingering concerns surrounding the accuracy of the information generated by the chatbot.

Formed by European national data protection authorities in response to concerns raised by Italian regulators, the task force aims to establish a unified approach towards the privacy implications of AI technologies like ChatGPT. While investigations by national regulators are still underway, the report offers a preliminary consensus among European authorities on the matter.

Data accuracy is a cornerstone of the EU’s data protection framework. The task force’s report underscores the inherent probabilistic nature of ChatGPT’s system, which can lead to biased or factually incorrect outputs. It also cautions against the potential for users to uncritically accept ChatGPT’s responses as accurate, especially when it concerns personal information, despite the possibility of errors.

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