Scarlett Johansson’s Voice Dispute with OpenAI Stirs Hollywood Concerns Over AI

Categories: AI NewsTags: , , Published On: May 25, 20241.2 min read

Scarlett Johansson’s recent accusation against OpenAI for replicating her voice in their ChatGPT demonstrations has ignited a broader discussion about the implications of artificial intelligence in Hollywood. This incident has amplified concerns among creative professionals about AI’s potential threat to their livelihoods, even as studios explore collaborations with companies like OpenAI.

The use of a voice deemed “eerily similar” to Johansson’s in the Spike Jonze film “Her” has not only raised ethical questions but also jeopardized potential partnerships between OpenAI and Hollywood studios. Executives and agents have expressed reservations about working with a company that appears to disregard copyright concerns and exploit creative works without consent.

OpenAI’s text-to-video tool, Sora, has showcased impressive capabilities, generating film-like quality videos that have piqued the interest of Hollywood. However, the recent controversy has cast a shadow over potential collaborations, with some industry insiders criticizing OpenAI’s actions as “hubris.”

While technologists in the entertainment industry see potential in AI tools like Sora to enhance the filmmaking process, concerns about copyright infringement and the protection of performers’ rights remain paramount. The debate surrounding the use of AI in creative fields is far from settled, and the outcome of Johansson’s dispute with OpenAI could have significant implications for the future of AI in Hollywood.

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