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Introduction:ElevenLabs injects a dose of innovation into your audio projects. This AI-powered platform offers a comprehensive suite of text-to-speech and voice cloning features. From generating ultra-realistic voiceovers that embody your brand to crafting personalized greetings with a familiar voice, ElevenLabs empowers you to create high-quality audio content and redefine communication possibilities.
Launched on: October 2023
Monthly Visitors:   19.7M
Price:  Free for Standard version; $5-330/month for pro version

Product Information of ElevenLabs

What’s ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs is an AI-powered platform with functionalities for both text-to-speech and voice cloning. It allows users to convert text into realistic speech using a variety of AI voices or even clone an existing voice for personalized audio creation.

How to use ElevenLabs?

  1. Visit the ElevenLabs website (https://elevenlabs.io/app/sign-up) or download the app (availability might depend on platform).
  2. Sign up for a free or paid account based on your needs.
  3. Explore the user-friendly interface with two main functionalities: Text-to-Speech and Voice Cloning (availability might depend on the plan).
  • Text-to-Speech: Choose from a library of AI voices across various languages and accents. Enter your text, adjust speech parameters like pace and emphasis, and generate a realistic voiceover.
  • Voice Cloning (Pro Plan): Upload a high-quality voice sample (restrictions might apply). ElevenLabs’ AI will analyze the voice and create a custom clone for use in your projects. (Confirmation depends on ElevenLabs’ offerings)
  1. Download your generated audio file in various formats suitable for your project requirements.

Core Features of ElevenLabs

  • 1

    Advanced Text-to-Speech: ElevenLabs offers a diverse range of high-quality AI voices, allowing you to create natural-sounding voiceovers for any project.

  • 2

    Custom Voice Cloning (Pro Plan): Clone an existing voice and leverage it for personalized narrations, greetings, or even creative audio projects.

  • 3

    Multilingual Support: Generate AI-powered speech across various languages, catering to a global audience.

  • 4

    Control and Customization: Fine-tune the generated speech with adjustable parameters like pace, intonation, and emphasis for optimal results.

Use Cases of ElevenLabs

  • Narrate Audiobooks and Podcasts: Bring your stories to life with realistic and engaging narration powered by ElevenLabs.

  • Create Personalized Greetings: Craft custom voice messages for voicemail greetings, presentations, or marketing campaigns with a familiar voice.

  • Elevate Video Content: Inject professionalism and personality into your video projects with captivating AI-generated voiceovers.


  • Is the AI-generated speech high quality? ElevenLabs prioritizes realistic and natural-sounding voices. However, audio quality might vary depending on the chosen AI voice and selected plan (free tier might have limitations).

  • Will my voice sound exactly like the one I clone (Pro Plan)? Voice cloning technology is advanced, but achieving an identical replication might have limitations. ElevenLabs strives for a close resemblance that can be further enhanced with adjustments.

  • Can I use custom voice clones for commercial purposes? The Basic Plan allows commercial use of AI voices. For custom voice clones (Pro Plan), explore ElevenLabs’ terms of service to understand limitations on commercial use of cloned voices.

  • What happens to the voice samples I upload for cloning (Pro Plan)? ElevenLabs’ privacy policy should clarify how they handle and store your voice data used for cloning purposes.

  • Is there a character limit for text-to-speech generation? The free plan might have a character limit. Paid plans likely offer increased limits for longer text conversions.

  • Does ElevenLabs offer customer support? ElevenLabs should provide customer support options such as knowledge base articles, FAQs, and potentially live chat or email support depending on the plan.

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