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Introduction: Liner is your one-stop solution for research and learning powered by AI. Liner goes beyond traditional bookmarking. This user-friendly platform utilizes AI to help you extract key points from articles and YouTube videos. Effortlessly capture essential information, organize your research with ease, and leverage powerful study tools like flashcards and spaced repetition. Liner empowers you to become an information alchemist, transforming online content into actionable knowledge and maximizing your learning potential.
Launched on: May 2023
Monthly Visitors:   60.7M
Price:  Free for Standard version; $9.99/month for premium version

Product Information of Liner

What’s Liner?

Liner is an AI-powered research and learning platform that assists users in extracting key information from online content, organizing notes, and enhancing the learning process.

How to use Liner?

  1. Visit the Liner website ( and explore the user-friendly interface.
  2. Install the Liner browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Opera, or Whale. (Mobile app availability depends on confirmation)
  3. While browsing articles or watching YouTube videos, click the Liner extension icon.
  4. Liner’s AI will analyze the content and highlight key points.
  5. Take notes, categorize your findings, and utilize Liner’s study tools to solidify your understanding.

Core Features of Liner

  • 1

    AI-Powered Key Point Extraction: Liner’s AI helps you identify the most important information from articles and videos, saving you valuable time and effort.

  • 2

    Advanced Organization Tools: Organize your research with ease using folders, tags, and color-coding functionalities.

  • 3

    Enhanced Note-Taking: Take notes directly on articles and YouTube content, enriching your research process and information organization.

  • 4

    Study Tools: Utilize Liner’s built-in flashcards and spaced repetition features to optimize knowledge retention.

Use Cases of Liner

  • Students: Boost your research efficiency by extracting key points from academic articles and lectures, create effective study notes, and prepare for exams with spaced repetition features.

  • Researchers: Streamline your research workflow by efficiently capturing information from various online sources and organizing your findings within Liner’s user-friendly interface.

  • Professionals: Stay up-to-date on industry trends by effectively analyzing online content, taking concise notes, and utilizing Liner for lifelong learning purposes.

  • Anyone Seeking Knowledge: Liner empowers anyone to learn more effectively by simplifying information processing, promoting active learning strategies, and fostering knowledge retention.

FAQ of Liner

  • What file formats does Liner support for note-taking? Liner likely allows note-taking directly within the platform. Explore their website for confirmation on additional file format support for importing or exporting notes.

  • Can I collaborate with others on research projects using Liner? Collaboration features might be limited in the free tier. Paid plans might offer functionalities for shared folders, team tagging, or real-time co-annotation on articles. (Confirmation needed)

  • Does Liner integrate with other productivity tools? Explore Liner’s website or app store listing for confirmation on integrations with popular productivity tools like project management software or cloud storage services.

  • How does Liner ensure the accuracy of the AI-extracted key points? Liner’s AI is constantly evolving, but it’s always recommended to review and refine the AI-suggested highlights to ensure accuracy, especially for complex content.

  • Can I use Liner offline? Liner likely offers functionalities for offline access to your notes and potentially saved articles (depending on the plan). Explore their website for confirmation on offline capabilities.

  • How does Liner protect the privacy of my research and notes? Liner should provide a privacy policy outlining data security practices and how they handle user information.

  • What are the benefits of using Liner over traditional note-taking methods? Liner’s AI-powered features streamline information processing, enhance organization, and offer built-in study tools, promoting a more effective and efficient learning experience.

  • What is the future of AI-powered research and learning platforms like Liner? Expect advancements in AI capabilities leading to even more sophisticated information extraction, personalized learning paths based on user preferences, and potential integration with real-time knowledge graphs for a more contextual learning experience.

  • Who is the team behind Liner? Researching the team behind Liner can provide insight into their commitment to educational technology, user privacy, and their vision for the future of AI-powered learning.

  • How can I stay updated on Liner’s development and new features? Follow Liner on social media (if available) or subscribe to their newsletter for updates on new functionalities, pricing plans, and valuable resources for leveraging AI-powered research and learning.

  • Does Liner offer customer support? Liner should provide customer support options such as knowledge base articles, FAQs, and potentially live chat or email support depending on the plan.

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