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Introduction:Prolific provides the missing link between AI development and real-world application. This user-friendly platform connects researchers with a diverse and global pool of vetted participants. Whether you’re developing AI for language processing, image recognition, or any other application, Prolific empowers you to gather the human input necessary to train and refine your models effectively. Prolific fosters responsible AI development by ensuring data quality, participant diversity, and ethical research practices.
Launched on: May 2023
Monthly Visitors:   13.7M
Price:  Free for trial; $9-16/hour for post-trial version

Product Information of Prolific

What’s Prolific?

Prolific is a participant recruitment platform specifically designed to connect researchers with human participants for AI training and evaluation purposes.

How to use Prolific?

  1. Visit the Prolific website ( and explore their researcher resources.
  2. Sign up for a researcher account and choose the pricing plan that best suits your project needs.
  3. Craft a clear and concise study description outlining your research goals and participant tasks.
  4. Set your desired participant demographics, compensation rates, and project duration.
  5. Prolific’s platform facilitates participant recruitment based on your specified criteria.
  6. Access high-quality data collected from participants to train and refine your AI models.

Core Features of Prolific

  • 1

    Diverse and Vetted Participant Pool: Access a global pool of pre-vetted participants, ensuring the quality and reliability of the data collected for your AI project.

  • 2

    Flexible Study Design: Prolific allows you to design studies tailored to your specific needs, including text-based surveys, image recognition tasks, and various interactive elements.

  • 3

    Advanced Targeting Options: Refine your participant recruitment by specifying demographics, interests, and other criteria to ensure you reach the most relevant participants for your AI project.

  • 4

    Data Security and Ethics: Prolific prioritizes data security and ensures researchers adhere to ethical research practices. Explore their website for details on their data privacy and participant protection policies.

Use Cases of Prolific

  • Train AI Language Models: Gather high-quality human data to train AI models for tasks like sentiment analysis, text generation, and machine translation.

  • Evaluate Image Recognition Models: Recruit participants to provide feedback on image recognition capabilities and help refine your AI model’s accuracy.

  • Gather User Feedback for AI Applications: Utilize Prolific to conduct user testing and gather valuable human insights to improve the usability and functionality of your AI product.

  • Fuel a Wide Range of AI Research Projects: Prolific’s diverse participant pool and flexible study design cater to various AI research endeavors.

FAQ of Prolific

  • What are the benefits of using Prolific compared to traditional participant recruitment methods? Prolific offers a wider, more diverse participant pool, streamlined study setup, and ensures data quality with pre-vetted participants.

  • How does Prolific ensure the quality of the data collected? Prolific has a vetting process for participants and offers features like attention checks to maintain data quality.

  • What types of studies can be conducted on Prolific? Prolific supports various study designs, including surveys, image recognition tasks, user testing, and more.

  • How does Prolific ensure ethical research practices? Prolific requires researchers to adhere to ethical guidelines and offers resources to ensure responsible data collection and participant treatment.

  • What are the pricing plans for researchers? Prolific offers tiered pricing plans based on project size, participant numbers, and desired features. Explore their website for details.

  • Does Prolific offer customer support for researchers? Prolific provides customer support options through their website and potentially knowledge base articles or FAQs.

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