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Introduction: SciSpace offers researchers a powerful AI-powered companion. This user-friendly platform leverages cutting-edge machine learning to transform the way you approach research. SciSpace empowers you to conduct efficient literature searches, gain deeper understanding of complex papers, and generate citations with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned academic or a budding researcher just starting your journey, SciSpace equips you with the AI tools to navigate the scientific landscape with greater efficiency and confidence.
Launched on: November 2023
Monthly Visitors:   6.8M
Price:  Free for Standard version; $8-12/month for premium plan

Product Information

What’s SciSpace?

SciSpace is an AI-powered research management platform that utilizes machine learning to streamline various aspects of the research workflow. It assists researchers with literature searches, simplifies complex scientific papers, and aids in generating citations.

How to use SciSpace ?

Getting started with SciSpace is a breeze:

  1. Visit the SciSpace website (
  2. Create a free account or explore the platform’s functionalities. (Availability might depend on your chosen plan)
  3. Utilize the AI-powered search engine to find relevant research papers based on your keywords or topics.
  4. Upload a research paper (availability might depend on the plan) and leverage SciSpace’s AI tools to:
    • Simplify complex scientific language with clear explanations.
    • Generate citations for your research paper based on the referenced sources.
    • Explore related papers and discover new research avenues.

Core Features

  • 1

    AI-Powered Literature Search: Discover relevant research papers with pinpoint accuracy using SciSpace’s advanced search engine and filtering options.

  • 2

    AI Paper Summarization & Simplification: Gain deeper understanding of complex research papers with SciSpace’s AI summaries and explanations of technical terms.

  • 3

    AI Citation Generation: Effortlessly generate accurate citations for your research paper based on the referenced sources within SciSpace.

  • 4

    Related Paper Discovery: Uncover new research avenues and explore the broader scientific landscape with SciSpace’s AI-powered recommendations.

Use Cases

  • Boost Research Efficiency: Save valuable time by conducting efficient literature searches and quickly grasping key concepts within research papers.

  • Discover New Research Directions: Unearth hidden connections between research areas and explore innovative research avenues with SciSpace’s recommendations.

  • Collaborate on Research Projects: Share research papers and leverage SciSpace’s AI tools collaboratively within research teams.

  • Simplify Research Writing: Effortlessly generate accurate citations and streamline the writing process with SciSpace’s AI assistance.


Q: Does SciSpace store my uploaded research papers?

A: SciSpace likely implements secure storage practices for uploaded research papers. Always check their privacy policy to understand data storage duration and access restrictions.

Q: Can I share research papers and collaborate with others on SciSpace?

A: Collaboration features might depend on your chosen plan. The free tier might limit sharing capabilities. Upgrading to a premium plan could unlock functionalities for team-based research projects.

Q: Does SciSpace offer any plagiarism checking tools?

A: SciSpace’s primary focus might be on research comprehension and workflow assistance. While it might not offer built-in plagiarism checkers, it can help you properly reference sources, reducing unintentional plagiarism risks.

Q: In what citation styles can SciSpace generate citations?

A: SciSpace likely supports a wide range of common citation styles (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago). Always check the available options within the platform.

Q: Does SciSpace’s AI guarantee perfect comprehension of all research papers?

A: The accuracy of SciSpace’s AI summaries and explanations depends on the paper’s complexity and the quality of uploaded documents. It’s recommended to use SciSpace’s AI as a helpful tool, but critical thinking and human judgment remain crucial for research tasks.

Q: Can I export the data and summaries generated by SciSpace for my research paper?

A: Export functionalities might depend on your chosen plan. The free tier might limit export options. Upgrading to a premium plan could allow exporting summaries, citations, or search results in preferred formats.

Q: Does SciSpace offer any training materials or tutorials for using the platform?

A: SciSpace might provide tutorials, guides, or a knowledge base to help users navigate the platform’s functionalities effectively. Explore their website or learning resources for available materials.

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