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Introduction: Invideo AI leverages the power of artificial intelligence to transform your written content into stunning video creations. Whether you’re a marketer crafting content for social media campaigns, an educator developing online courses, or simply someone looking to bring your stories to life, empowers you to create professional-looking videos in minutes, all without needing any video editing expertise.
Launched on: August 2023
Monthly Visitors:   3.6M
Price:  Free for Standard version; $20-40/Month for pro version
Invideo AI

Product Information of Invideo AI

What’s Invideo AI?

Invideo AI is a groundbreaking AI-powered platform that simplifies video creation. Simply provide your text script, and Invideo ai’s intelligent algorithms will generate a captivating video using a combination of text-to-speech narration, royalty-free stock footage, and dynamic visuals.

How to use Invideo AI ?

Invideo AI offers a seamless user experience:

  1. Craft Your Script: Write your compelling story or message in text format.
  2. Upload or Paste Your Script: Upload your pre-written script or directly paste your text into Invideo AI’s interface.
  3. Customize (Optional): Refine your video by selecting a preferred voice style, background music, and adjusting the pacing.
  4. Export & Share: Once satisfied, export your video in your desired format and share it across your chosen platforms.

Core Features of Invideo AI

  • 1
    • Effortless Text-to-Video: Convert your text scripts into engaging videos with minimal effort, saving you time and resources.
  • 2

    AI-Powered Narration: Choose from a variety of AI-powered voiceovers to deliver your message with natural-sounding narration.

  • 3

    Extensive Stock Media Library: Access a vast collection of royalty-free images, video clips, and music to personalize your videos.

  • 4

    Intuitive Interface: Navigate Invideo ai’s user-friendly interface with ease, requiring no prior video editing knowledge.

Use Cases of Invideo AI

  • Social Media Marketing: Captivate your audience on social media platforms with’s quick and easy video creation for engaging content.

  • Educational Videos: Develop informative and visually appealing explainer videos or online courses using text-to-video functionality.

  • Blog Post Promotion: Breathe new life into your blog posts by creating video summaries or teasers using

  • Storytelling & Presentations: Transform written stories or presentations into captivating video narratives with minimal effort


  1. Q: What file formats can I upload as scripts for Invideo AI?

    A: Invideo AI likely accepts plain text formats like .txt or .doc. It’s best to consult Invideo AI’s support documentation for the most up-to-date information on compatible file formats.

  2. Q: Can I customize the visuals generated by Invideo AI?

    A: Invideo AI might offer some level of customization for the visuals used in your video. You might be able to choose from different video styles or select specific categories of stock footage to match your content.

  3. Q: Does Invideo AI allow me to add my own voiceover instead of AI narration?

    A: This information might not be readily available. Check Invideo AI’s website or support resources to see if uploading your own voiceover is an option.

  4. Q: Can I edit the AI-generated video further after creation?

    A: Invideo AI likely integrates with Invideo’s core video editing platform. This means you could potentially export the AI-generated video and further edit it using Invideo’s editing tools (availability might depend on your subscription plan).

  5. Q: How long can my videos be with Invideo AI?

    The free tier likely has limitations on video length. Upgraded plans might offer longer video durations. Consult Invideo AI’s pricing plans for specific details.

  6. Q: Does Invideo AI offer any copyright protection for the generated videos?

    A: Invideo AI likely uses royalty-free stock media for video generation. Ownership of the final video you create likely belongs to you, but it’s recommended to review Invideo AI’s terms of service for details on intellectual property rights.

  7. Q: In what languages can Invideo AI generate videos?

    Invideo AI might support text-to-video generation and AI narration in multiple languages. Explore Invideo AI’s features or contact their support for a definitive list of supported languages.

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