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Introduction: DeepAI caters to artists, writers, designers, and anyone with a spark of imagination. Generate captivating images from simple text descriptions, transform photos with AI-powered editing, or delve into engaging conversations with virtual characters. DeepAI removes technical barriers and empowers you to bring your ideas to life with the power of artificial intelligence.
Launched on: November 2017
Monthly Visitors:   10.8M
Price:  Free for Standard version; $15/ month for premium plan

Product Information

What’s DeepAI?

DeepAI is not a single tool, but rather a comprehensive suite of AI functionalities accessible through a user-friendly platform. These tools leverage artificial intelligence to assist with various creative tasks, including:

  • Text-to-Image Generation: Craft unique artwork based on your textual descriptions. Simply provide keywords or a sentence, and DeepAI’s AI will generate a corresponding image.
  • AI Image Editing: Enhance or edit existing photos with AI-powered tools like background removal, colorization, or style transfer.
  • AI Chatbots: Engage in stimulating conversations with a variety of AI characters, explore storytelling possibilities, or practice language skills in a safe and interactive environment.
  • AI Search Engine (Beta): Explore an innovative search engine powered by AI, potentially offering more intuitive and creative search results. (Availability and functionalities might depend on your plan)

How to use DeepAI?

Getting started with DeepAI is simple:

  1. Visit the DeepAI website ( and create a free account or upgrade to a paid plan.
  2. Choose the AI tool you wish to utilize (text-to-image generation, image editing, AI chat, etc.).
  3. Each tool might have specific instructions. For example, with text-to-image generation, you’ll enter your desired keywords or description.
  4. Follow the tool’s prompts and explore the available options to refine your results (availability might depend on your plan).
  5. Generate your creative output, download it, and use it for your projects according to the chosen license.

Core Features

  • 1

    Text-to-Image Generation: Generate high-quality images in various artistic styles based on your textual input.

  • 2

    AI Image Editing: Edit photos with features like background removal, colorization, style transfer, and potentially more.

  • 3

    AI Chatbots: Converse with various AI characters in a natural and engaging way.

  • 4

    AI Search Engine (Beta): Explore a search engine powered by AI for potentially more intuitive and creative search experiences.

Use Cases

  • Visual Inspiration: Generate unique artwork to spark creative ideas or overcome artist’s block.

  • Photo Enhancement: Improve existing photos with AI-powered editing tools.

  • Language Learning: Practice conversation skills and explore storytelling through interactions with AI characters.

  • Web Scraping (Limited Functionality): Potentially utilize the platform for basic web scraping tasks


Q: Who owns the copyright of the content I create with DeepAI?

A: DeepAI’s ownership policy might vary depending on the specific tool and your chosen plan. For text-to-image generation, you might own the copyright of the generated image, but DeepAI retains ownership of the underlying technology. Always check the specific terms of service and licensing information for each tool and plan.

Q: Can I use DeepAI-generated content for commercial purposes?

A: This depends on your chosen plan and the specific tool. The free tier might have restrictions on commercial use. Upgraded plans might allow commercial usage with proper attribution. Always check the licensing information for each tool and plan before using content commercially.

Q: Is DeepAI’s AI Search Engine available to everyone?

A: DeepAI’s AI Search Engine might currently be in beta testing. Access might be limited or require enrollment in a specific program. Check the DeepAI website for updates on the availability of the AI Search Engine.

Q: Are the AI chatbots real people?

A: No, the AI chatbots are not real people. They are virtual characters powered by artificial intelligence. While they can hold engaging conversations, it’s important to remember they are not sentient beings.

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